Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
Tenshimitsu 2018-06-04 06:46 0 is a hobby site "from fans to fans", which was created and is maintained by Joanna "Tenshimitsu" Torz. The privacy policy below is valid only for the website In case of any doubts concerning this policy, you can always contact me by sending an email to contact(at) or sending a private message using the website's engine.

Short version - most important information

I care about your time as much as about your privacy, that's why I also prepared the shortened version of the most important rules concerning protecting your privacy. 

By registering at the website, adding comments, articles, forum posts or contacting with me, you are giving me your personal data and I guarantee you that your data remain confidential and won't be transferred to any third party without your explicit consent.

I'm not using any analytic tools like Google Analytics. Any possible statistics that are gathered on Manjikai are to identify the most popular/interesting parts of the website. They are gathered anonymously & stored directly on the web server. The information stored are about subpages that you have visited and time spend on each subpage. These information are reviewed by me to improve your experience by enhancing or adding functionalities to the website.

Manjikai displays movies coming from YouTube. Watching these movies comes together with accepting cookies coming from the Google company and Youtube.

One of Manjikai's functionalities is social sharing. Using this functionality is associated with accepting cookies of social media comanies such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

Manjikai uses it's own cookies for you to comfortably use the website functionalities and uncover content accessible only after registering and logging in.

If above information is not sufficient, soon you'll be able to find additional information.

Long version (coming soon)