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2 Yoshimitsu Offline Party at Namco Sugamo

Yoshimitsu Offline Party at Namco Sugamo

Grey 2016-10-17 20:56

The Yoshimitsu Offline Party at Namco Sugamo seemed to be a great success. 90 players showed up and many of the frequent Yoshi names we've all been seeing on Youtube made an appearance. Here's a video archive of the tournament matches and local match p...

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4 Tekken 7 Miguel Caballero Rojo

Tekken 7 Miguel Caballero Rojo

Grey 2016-10-08 20:04

The Spaniard enters the ring! With Miguel out, Zafina seems to be the last of the Tekken 6 newcomers to be confirmed returning. Still waiting on Lei and Julia or maybe someone more unexpected gets announced next. Tekken 7 release is still estimated t...

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1 Tekken 7 Lee Chaolan/Violet

Tekken 7 Lee Chaolan/Violet

Grey 2016-08-17 18:38

Get the hot tub ready because his excellence is coming back in. Lee Chaolan revealed at Gamescom! Story Mode details also included in the announcement. The Mishima family story will be revisited featuring Young Kazuya and Young Heihachi. Charact...

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7 15 years of Manjikai! Kanpai!

15 years of Manjikai! Kanpai!

Tenshimitsu 2016-08-16 23:02

Happy 15th YOT anniversary! Let's celebrate today Manjikai's 15th birthday! Looking back, this website exists almost half of my lifetime! It's almost unbelievable. Yoshimitsu has gone under several changes during these years and yet we still remained ...

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6 Tekken Sukajan: Heihachi

Tekken Sukajan: Heihachi

Grey 2016-07-24 19:04

Check out the Limited Edition Tekken Sukajan Jackets unveiled at the Namco Bandai Panel at SDCC 2016. They look so sick but style comes with a price, $449.00! You can pre-order them at the bandainamcostore. Update: Also available at the bandainamco...

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