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0 Ninja: secrets of knowledge and learning.

Ninja: secrets of knowledge and learning.

Tenshimitsu 2005-09-30 12:32

This is our brand-new article thoroughly written by Dinaga, based on the famous book about Ninjutsu of Stephen Hayes. Go to "Tradition" section of The YO-Team! ...

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0 Souten Versus QDogg matches!

Souten Versus QDogg matches!

Tenshimitsu 2005-09-03 09:41

Yesss! It's a blast for every Yoshi fan and Yoshi player. Thanks to QDogg we can admire these fights. See two Yoshimitsu players that are among the best in the world!

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0 Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection ahead!

Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection ahead!

Tenshimitsu 2005-09-02 11:51

This new Tekken is reported to be available only on Arcades. We all hope that it won't be the case! New characters arrived: Lili and Dragunov. Tekken DR is a mix of Tekken 5 and Tekken 5.1 with new moves added and a huge amount of new stages. More info: ...

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1 SC3 Yoshimitsu (for YO Team)

SC3 Yoshimitsu (for YO Team)

Tenshimitsu 2005-09-02 11:49

Thanks to we can "admire" new Yoshimitsu Soul Calibur 3 costumes... who of You like them? Here's the gallery: Hehehe, enjoy......

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0 Frame Data updates

Frame Data updates

Tenshimitsu 2005-08-23 22:45

There were some Frame Data updates thanks to Kasht. I would love to have more feedback because I hate any mistakes WS+2 and DB+2,2,2 are updated (mistake in WS+2 evaluation influenced mistake in D/B+2,2,2 Hadv measurements...)

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