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7 First Tekken 6 Yoshi gameplay movie!

First Tekken 6 Yoshi gameplay movie!

Tenshimitsu 2007-09-13 21:48

Here we go: first glance at Tekken 6 Yoshimitsu. You will see that his battle stance has changed a lot. Hmm, I don't know if it was a good step. Personally I adored Yoshi's fighting stance, and now... (see by yourself). He got new moves after WS+2, and a...

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1 Media section now up in 100%

Media section now up in 100%

Kogamitsu 2007-08-12 14:14

Good evening, YOT. I have uploaded the missing files to Media section, namely the almost 2-year-old Rautanyrkki movie. I included everything I could find relating to it: - The movie itself, in three parts - Bloopers, all 5 sets - The trailer - The rando...

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0 Media section up in 90%

Media section up in 90%

Tenshimitsu 2007-07-22 16:19

Hi there; I'm sorry to make you wait so long... Media section is now up and running, all except Rautanyrkki Folder. The Rautanyrkki files are quite big so it will take some time, especially with my broken internet connection. Have fun and report in the ...

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10 Thieves are all way round...

Thieves are all way round...

Tenshimitsu 2007-07-04 21:34

See this thief who shamelessly put Suekichi's arts in his movie, and said he drew them!!! What a shameless bastard... .... it drove me up to wall......

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2 LOL, Yoshi is famous :)

LOL, Yoshi is famous :)

Tenshimitsu 2007-06-29 11:27

Probably this is old, but have you checked this site?: Check out the diagnosis of the patients, and especially the one on the right. He talks about Yoshimitsu! Hehe, our fave space ninja is indeed well-known ...

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