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1 Stop GMO in Europe

Stop GMO in Europe

Tenshimitsu 2010-04-22 12:08

As a Manji follower at heart, who struggles for harmony and well-being, I couldn't resist to write this notice: Sing the petition to stop GMO crops in Europe. (GMO is suspected to causing bees dying at a great speed and in great number. Without bees, not...

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0 Two new combo movies

Two new combo movies

Tenshimitsu 2010-03-28 08:42

Combo movie by suidobashi358: Combo movie by Jakodayo: Enjoy ...

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20 Berlin Tekken Clash Tournament announced

Berlin Tekken Clash Tournament announced

Tenshimitsu 2010-03-02 18:55

On 8th May 2010 there will be a second big tournament in Europe: Berlin Tekken Clash III TekkenZaibatsu topic: If you want to test your skills versus top European players, be su...

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1 Console Problem 8001050F

Console Problem 8001050F

Tenshimitsu 2010-03-01 13:33

It is STRONGLY advised NOT to turn on your PS3 Console today if you are the owner of the older, "fatty" version of PS3. There's a strange error 8001050F, that is probably caused by internal PS3 clock overlap. It damages PS3 saves and removes trophies. Als...

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2 Yoshimitsu combo video by Inca

Yoshimitsu combo video by Inca

Tenshimitsu 2010-03-01 08:20

Another great combo video. Lots of skillful combos! ...

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