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0 Tekken news on E3

Tekken news on E3

Tenshimitsu 2011-06-08 06:54

If you're following the nesw about Tekken that appear gradually on E3 Press conference, you surely stumbled upon this: Tekken announced for a Nintendo console: Wii U What's so special about the movie in thi...

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5 Ikkitousen!


Tenshimitsu 2011-05-23 10:22

We can hear new Yoshi's quote! He says "Ikkitousen" (一騎当千), which can be translated as: - literally: One warrior equals thousand (correct me if I'm wrong ^^) - matchless warrior - mighty hero The way he exposes his sword in front of him makes me think ...

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2 Tekken Tag location tests - Yoshi news!

Tekken Tag location tests - Yoshi news!

Tenshimitsu 2011-05-17 06:19

So far looking very good With addition to the new great look, Yoshi got some new great moves. ^^ Hype, hype! Here's the thread dedicated for Yoshi changes: Here are TTT2 m...

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2 Tekken - Blood Vengeance

Tekken - Blood Vengeance

Tenshimitsu 2011-05-11 13:55

Time for a delicious news from the world of Tekken: SDTEKKEN:TEKKEN PROJECT lead, Katsuhiro Harada and Namco Bandai Community Manager, FilthieRich have just announced an original CG feature titled… TEKKEN: Blood Vengeance! Directed by Youichi Mouri, the ...

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8 New TTT2 screens!

New TTT2 screens!

Tenshimitsu 2011-05-07 19:25

A new set of Tekken Tag Tournament screens was recently released. And yes: you can see new Yoshi rendering! Take a look (as for me: he looks aaawesome ^^) More screenshots:

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