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1 Future of Yoshimitsu depends on you

Future of Yoshimitsu depends on you

Tenshimitsu 2015-03-19 17:43

Hi; Recent Famitsu interview with Harada brings more insight as for future Tekken 7 character appearances. It was said that characters will be added based on fans requests. Which means that if we, Yoshimitsu fans and players, remain silent, we can say g...

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1 Why Do You Play Tekken?

Why Do You Play Tekken?

Grey 2015-02-16 06:50

Nice little commercial from the young proodigy from the Philippines, AK. Hoping there's more of these showcasing other players. I play because I feel at home. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's frustrating but I'll go back to it every single time. ...

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1 Lucky Chloe & Shaheen Gameplay Footage

Lucky Chloe & Shaheen Gameplay Footage

Grey 2015-02-14 00:29

There's a Tekken 7 showcase in JAEPO and we get a first glimpse of some Lucky Chloe and Shaheen move set. Commentary is in Japanese but Harada said something about Lucky Chloe having a certain rhythm to her moves. Didn't get much about Shaheen but he ...

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0 Tekken 7 Arcade Opening Movie

Tekken 7 Arcade Opening Movie

Grey 2015-02-10 05:49

Tekken 7's fiery opening cinematic just got posted in the official Tekken Channel. Check it out! ...

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1 Tekken Crash Returns

Tekken Crash Returns

Grey 2015-01-28 12:46

In case you missed it, here're recording of the matches. Courtesy of TekkenCrashS2 Channel. Teams are: whyworks: Narkhof - Paul, LeeMario - Katarina, Knee - Bryan SUPERSTAR: Ji3moon.Ace - Kazuya, Help Me - Dragunov, Malgu - Law (Korean name???): Tr...

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