Manjikai 17th anniversary is today!

Manjikai 17th anniversary is today!
Tenshimitsu 2018-08-17 18:42 12
That's right, Manjikai celebrates today it's 17th birthday!

It's been a long ride, Yoshi fans. I'm very glad that some of you remember humble beginnings of this website. We were small but we were very passionate, talking about Yoshimitsu for hours, sharing strategies, fan arts and fan fiction. Unforgettable memories!

To celebrate this day, I announce a giveaway of wonderful Yoshi acrylic charms made by Peacockjive! There are only 4 of them, so take your chances quickly!

In order to participate, you need to:
- retweet a post made by me on Twitter (link: click here)
- register on this website and made a comment under this article about how much you like Yoshi!

Optional! (will not be checked!)
- follow @F-Secure twitter to be up to date with cyber-threat alerts! (and they're awesome!)

The Manjikai anniversary celebration and this give-away will last one week!
There's still more to come but ... it needs a bit of 'cooking' time :D

Now grab some cake and coffee and say "Ikkitousen!" :D


  1. Belated Happy Birthday Yot!! I somehow missed the alerts about the update. Maybe because I don't use Twitter? Anyway, it's looking great and I'm pleased this community is still going. I have a lot of fond memories of this place. <3 

    2018-08-29 15:20
  2. Yaaaaaaaay <3

    2018-08-27 18:16
  3. Check out results of giveaway!

    Some people commented without retweet and a lot retweeted a tweet without commenting. 
    I hope next giveaway will be more crowded :)

    2018-08-27 17:46
  4. Happy Birthday Yot (better late than never :/ )  It's been awhile and the site is still going and perhaps even growing stronger ;) And what a cool price. 

    2018-08-19 13:02
  5. I started using Claudio when Tekken 7 came out (don't judge me pls), after a few changes in character picks, I felt most comfortable using Yoshi in spite of his "stupid" moves. Man, sometimes you don't know what you're doing even your opponent starts acting like a fool.

    Using Yoshi is like watching AvoidingThePuddle's stream, either you learn something or go nuts watching Aris (Yoshi) do some crazy sh*t...


    2018-08-19 00:22
  6. Avatar

    Ikkitousen :)

    2018-08-18 11:24
  7. Yoshimitsu is more than just a character; he is an idea. Yoshimitsu is part of my very first video game memory, and has always been my favourite Tekken character, since the very first game. I really like his principles, mystery and charm. This unorthodox and confusing style is very rewarding for those that devote themselves on him (and reminds me of myself in a way too). I have also linked him to pleasant memories of playing Tekken, and having fun with him. Well, yeah, I can't find a better Tekken character. I am happy there is a community around him, and glad it is expanding and getting bigger and bigger. Happy birthday and cheers to all of Manjikai!

    2018-08-18 07:49
  8. I literally couldn't imagine my life without Yoshi. His uniqueness fits me like a glove. I love being a part of something really special with other fanatics. I've gotten to know some really cool people through him, just as enthusiastic! I think we most probably have the best character specific community in Tekken! This giveaway is a great idea! Good luck all. Happy birthday ManjiKai!

    2018-08-17 23:29
  9. Keep it coming! 
    And don't forget to also retweet my Tweet :D 

    2018-08-17 19:09
  10. I made a cheesy Tekken fan-movie in my teens. Though it is cringeworthy to watch, it reminds me of dear memories and dear friends - and it would not have happened without Yoshimitsu, and without Manjikai, for that matter.

    2018-08-17 19:06

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