e-Star TTT2 Global Championships - Vote for favourite player!

e-Star TTT2 Global Championships - Vote for favourite player!
Tenshimitsu 2012-06-26 17:39 3
There's a poll for you to vote for your favourite player. One winner from USA and two from Europe will go to Korean e-Star show: Tekken Tag Tournament 2 championships! :)

You can vote once a day. Be sure to keep on voting :)

The link is here: www.estarsseoul.org/Popup/PopOnlinePoll.aspx

From my types:
The only player so far who has Yoshimitsu as one of his mains (and actually used him during tournament) is James (Just Frame James).
I would suggest voting for him. :)

Let's help him go to Korea for the sake of being loyal to Yoshi! :)


  1. Voted on Just frames James (I love that dude anyways), but I really think Kor's gonna take it, though

    2012-07-05 14:38
  2.  Lol i missed the part where he said that's who he was planning on using if he makes it, you can vote once per day so he got my vote today!!

    2012-06-27 19:05
  3.  Done, voted for Anakin for the U.S. and Harry Potter and Killer Doll for Europe.. I don't see James using Yoshi at a Global Championship setting.

    2012-06-27 17:37

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