Yoshi's Two-swords wielding stance confirmed!

Yoshi's Two-swords wielding stance confirmed!
Tenshimitsu 2007-11-05 09:52 3
... or at least added moves using the second sword. :)

Thanks to SDTEKKEN, we can now analyze the following screen from Arcadia Magazine:


In one screen we can see a new move: u/f+2, where Yoshi jumps in the air and performs a low hit with his second sword.

What else? Sword Sweep is still unblockable :D ... if Yoshi holds a sword, that is. :) To switch between normal stance and swordless stance, it's enough to press 2+3.

More to come soon. :)


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  1. I heard that he can put the swords on his back and take them off8)

    2009-12-14 21:36
  2. That is great news for me Tenshi.

    But would it be possible to get the Scans translated into English?:)

    2007-11-08 14:17
  3. Woooooohoooooooooo :D

    2007-11-06 10:01

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