Yoshimitsu movelist arrived!

Yoshimitsu movelist arrived!
Tenshimitsu 2015-05-12 09:45 0
 Here you can see character page with his movelist in pdf format:


NEW!! Yoshimitsu practice mode!

Discussion in our forums:

First impressions?

  • It looks like Yoshimitsu has two rage arts!! - one you know from a movie, and a second - a reversal that leads to flash! (and juggle?!) (to be confirmed)
  • His rage art is b+1+2, the second one ub+1+4
  • New jumping sword move: uf+1
  • New screw attack: d+2,1 (m,h)
  • 1SS Basic uppercut - df+2
  • IND 4 is a new IND low move which is also a homing move - no IND roo kick. Well I prefer low move if you ask me! :)
  • 1SS WS+2,1 is the new mid move into launcher -> DGF. This move stays the same in NSS
  • Many screw arracks: 2,3, 2,1, KIN 4, f+3, f+2/BT 2, new d+2,1, DGF 4
  • Full stance transitions!
Indian sit to Flea (IND 1+2)
Indian sit to Dragonfly (IND u+1+2)
Dragonfly to Flea (DGF 1+2)
Dragonfly to Indian Sit (DGF d+3+4)


- I hoped for 1SS low punch, but it's not in the movelist... oh well, maybe he will not need it ;)
- there are some moves missing. Like NSS fullcrouch Flash (FC 1+2)  - I hope it's just because the person who was making this document was lazy. 

To do/to see/to ask:

- frames after d+4? d+3? db+4?
- CD+1 KIN 2,1+2 - what does it do? Juggles after Gehosen?
- 1SS f+3+4 and NSS f+3+4 - frames on block?


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