Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur VI

Yoshimitsu in Soul Calibur VI
Grey 2018-05-18 10:16 2
The Original Mechanical Ninja makes his way back to the Souls series. He dons a wicked new look in the tradition of having a new design each installment. He may look different but he seems to be as great as ever. Official trailer from Bandai Namco Europe below:

*Soul Calibur 6's release date has yet to be confirmed.



  1. I love it when Yoshimitsu has an oni based appearance and looks scary, instead of having an attire made of full blowen oddness. This already one of my favorites for sure, the green light the mouth and eyelids is so cool and mysteroius. It makes him look inhuman rather than just a being of flesh and blood. If looks translate into power, this version of yoshi will kickass.

    2018-06-27 10:33
  2. Awesome news, can't wait to try him out :)

    2018-05-26 16:44

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