Yoshimitsu confirmed for Soul calibur V!

Yoshimitsu confirmed for Soul calibur V!
Tenshimitsu 2011-11-17 21:15 11
Yes! He's confirmed!

What is new, though? It's not the same Yoshi as in previous Soul Caliburs!
Yes, you've got it right: we will meet the second generation leader and the inheritor of the Spirit Sword!

I'm so curious as for his personality. Will it be the same or will it have some original traits?

But first, let's enjoy the screens. :)
The first one is quite ... expressive. Poor Yoshi. But that's the Manji fate...

Famitsu http://www.famitsu.com/news/201111/18005510.html
(I need a helping hand with translating this text ^^)
Heads up: Di_ :)


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    There's something about his stance in the second piture. Looks a bit like they ripped his posture from T6.. a bit. maybe... And I like the costume.

    2011-11-19 00:43
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    Yoshi seems to dislike his old costume a lot :( This costume is lovely though... Makes it a lot more painful than it should be that I don't own a ps3.

    2011-11-18 22:01
  3. Mount fuji stages for Yoshimitsu are ALWAYS awesome

    2011-11-18 21:42
  4. Note too, that his SC1 stage makes a reappearance :)
    Personally I liked his lava stage in SC3, but this is still really cool!

    2011-11-18 16:50
  5. I love the whole split mask thing looks cool and unique and it reminds me abit Ghost since his is the spirit of vengeance.

    Well If he didn't, he would considered a sissy in manji clan compared to yoshimitsu, who is willing able to do a suicide.

    The "moral" of the story is that you shall not wear a mask namco fighting game.

    2011-11-18 10:40
  6. lol you guys are funny! Or maybe, as Master Jin Kwon once said, “Rituals involving strenuous and/or repetitive physical movements are meant to free the mind of all frivolous thoughts and divert the focus to the point of one-mindedness or absolute concentration.” Cutting off your arm sounds pretty strenuous to me! :P

    I'm loving the flame motiffe, seems to suit this new Yoshi's fiery personality. Huge sigh of relief that he made it into the new game. :D

    2011-11-18 04:15
  7. ahhahah exactly, it's just a bit odd :p

    perhaps it could be the arm of the old leader, who refused to let go of the katana xD

    2011-11-17 22:16
  8. "You will be the new leader... but you've gotta get rid of that hand of yours. No excuses."

    "Why so serious?"


    2011-11-17 21:49
  9. I suppose he cut it off by himself, LOL ^^
    (or lost it during the ritual duel with his master?)

    We can only guess ;)

    2011-11-17 21:47
  10. also lizardman w wings = lol

    2011-11-17 21:45

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