Yoshimitsu Offline Party at Namco Sugamo

Yoshimitsu Offline Party at Namco Sugamo
Grey 2016-10-17 20:56 2
The Yoshimitsu Offline Party at Namco Sugamo seemed to be a great success. 90 players showed up and many of the frequent Yoshi names we've all been seeing on Youtube made an appearance. Here's a video archive of the tournament matches and local match play in the meet.

Link to website: http://manji-valley.com/fes

3on3 tournament

6on6 tournament
Old Space Ninjas:Shumitsu, ?, Korondashi, Yonegyu, Takakari, Apo
Young Space Ninjas: KA2, Pato, Kaichokun, Shouchan, Eston, Kari

Shudy vs. Kaichokun


Huge thanks to Shudy and KuroKuro streaming, Namco Sugamo for hosting the event and all the Yoshi players for attending and giving all the love and support to our favorite character.


  1.  So much Yoshi footage! It's gonna take me a week to watch through all this, and I couldn't be happier! Thanks for sharing, Grey! 

    2016-10-19 13:52
  2.  Man that Yoshi with the purple top hat, butterfly wings, and willy wonka glasses is ridiculous, is that Kaichokun? So far the 6 on 6 has been super dope to watch! 

    2016-10-19 23:35

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