Yoshimitsu Combo video by DarkLess

Yoshimitsu Combo video by DarkLess
Tenshimitsu 2010-02-24 21:29 4
A bit old but still valid. :) Worth seeing!


  1. why is my gammar so f¤"#ing bad

    2010-04-20 19:45
  2. sorry say this but it was meant for an other vid.... just kidding XD. I rebember now I fought you while useing a friend ps3, his was username was B-cosic I used an aggsive an A.K and rusty and yoshi towards you and crystalsword ,I knew that remember that name from somewhere. I must say I loved your aggsive yoshi and maybe a bit aggsive yoshi but is was cool because it total caught me by offguard and suprice. I would love to play aginst you and crystalsword again but please say it good time because i wanna get ready to do my best and my ps3 is not woking. BTW if my friend will love some pratice if you what too ofcause

    2010-04-19 20:43
  3. Avatar

    Thank you! I'm happy to see that you liked my tribute.. I hope to see other comments :P ;)

    2010-03-22 22:35
  4. what? no comments for this crazy yoshi vid clearly not something i would have expected. BTW good find

    2010-02-26 18:36

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