Yoshi techniques compilation by ZeN

Yoshi techniques compilation by ZeN
Tenshimitsu 2009-06-03 17:57 2
Hiya :)

In the *too long* process of waiting for Yoshimitsu in Tekken BR (on consoles), I recommend you a little entertainment: A compilation of fine Yoshimitsu gameplay by ZeN - German Yoshimitsu player.

Enjoy! I'm sure you will. :)

Part 1

Part 2


  1. Wow!!! This player is amazing! I thought I was pretty good with Yoshimitsu but now I know I was sadly mistaken..I need to learn a great many things before I can even think about calling myself an expert with Yoshi....I rarely lose in T5/T5DR to anyone, but this is a whole different level...Nice video, and very inspiring!!

    2009-06-07 03:14
  2. Wow awesome vids! These are old but some of these setups I haven't even seen before. You learn something new everyday hehe.

    Love the playstyle, weird follow-ups lol. I've been seeing too many systematic Yoshi lately and I miss the unorthodox playstyles. It's risky but it's amazing to pull off. These days I'm too scared to take risks cause I'm paying to play.

    Can't wait for the console release!!!

    2009-06-05 13:21

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