Yoshi in new Tekken Tag trailer!


  1. well tekken tag had returning charactor that were removed from tekken 3, so the tag games are like fanservice

    2011-03-09 10:25
  2. creepy... Zombie Tekken!

    2011-03-08 22:21
  3. Why is Jinpachi,Jun,and True Ogre in this game? I thought they were all dead...

    2011-03-08 22:15
  4. wow thats so cool nice of you to post this way more awesome looking that I hoped for and the character models looks different too Its very noticable when you look at anna. Jun has made a come back and she will be the first mature woman in tekken history if you don't count the williams sisters biosleep thingy and even true ogre has made a cammo in this is maybe thats explains Heihachi youth remember the storyline in tekken 4 that draws a line for a possable storyline going to be freaking sweet :))

    Yoshimtsu/ganryu vs bryan/paul

    and more videos here
    Miguel/alisa vs King/jaycee and a bit of jinpachi and jin too

    Leo/draguov vs kazuya/heihachi

    2011-02-20 21:09

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