Yoshi fans are among us... where you least expect ;)

Yoshi fans are among us... where you least expect ;)
Tenshimitsu 2009-07-26 21:42 7
While I was surfing through the net, I stumbled upon a nice site... I immediately felt that the founder of the site is Yoshi fan! Guess why...


"YOS"... Manji-like logo... this cannot be a coincidence. :)


  1. You can call me obsessed - but that's screaming Yoshimitsu to me. :D

    Nice find, Tenshi-san. ^___^

    2009-09-18 19:57
  2. I think he's Yoshi fan, period. :D Too much stress on "YOS" :P Also the name sounds strange and "adjusted" to Yos. ^^

    Unfortunately, I didn't manage to contact him :)

    2009-07-29 06:28
  3. Avatar

    Meep! I make mistake! *Dies* x.x

    YOT Articles say Ura manji ("left spinning" manji) swastika. *^_^*

    2009-07-28 13:44
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    With a second look I noticed the site logo look similar to the Omote Manji sauvastika. ...And it's green too! Very curious me thinks! :wink

    2009-07-28 13:19
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    CODE YOS: Yoshimitsu Obsession Society. :p

    2009-07-28 13:13
  6. i think the symbol more likely means, that info from all around the world... u kno, with all the arrows comin out... thou it first gave a Zen expression... nd the name, well, the guy's just nuts... hahaha... "Y Open source" ..:))

    2009-07-27 19:26
  7. hmmmmm I don't know... It seems coincidental really. Their thing is "Why Open Source" and I guess they abbreviated it to "YOS" to make it catchy compared to "WOS". I'd do that.

    The logo looks good but I think it's the same generic logo design for any logos. It fits in a square, it's symmetrical and it's fairly simple. It somewhat reminds of the Manji symbol but almost any four lines that point out in all directions do that already lol.

    Coincidence.... You're so obsessed you thought this had something to do with Yoshi lol.

    ORRRRRR I am completely wrong and we find out the designer is an actual fan of Yoshi. That would be cool haha

    2009-07-27 12:17

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