Yoshi blade: stays sharp for life! ... LOL!

Yoshi blade: stays sharp for life! ... LOL!
Tenshimitsu 2009-12-25 18:04 6
My Sister told me about it today... LOL, check out by yourself. :D

It's hilarious :D


  1. FUNNY!

    2010-01-17 18:59
  2. Only 20$?! I must buy it!
    LOL it's too funny, I never thought that Yoshi could be famous in all world for his blade XD

    2010-01-01 22:14
  3. Avatar

    I love the looks of that empty draw with just the ONE Yoshi blade in it.. It would look better in a pile of washing up. lol

    *Imagines Yoshi cooking!* :D

    2009-12-29 02:40
  4. I especially like the voice saying "Yoshi blade!" :D It's too funny :D

    Imagine Yoshi himself playing in a commercial. :)

    2009-12-26 10:44
  5. Awesome find!! We actually have a ceramic knife at home here, but unfortunately, not the Yoshi Blade!!!

    2009-12-26 09:01
  6. Yoshi Blade. It will sweep you off your feet!

    2009-12-26 00:18

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