YOT version 7.0 is finally online!

YOT version 7.0 is finally online!
Tenshimitsu 2017-05-23 03:49 10
After a lot of "adventures", newest version of YOT is finally online. What's new?
  • New look and feel
  • Updated site engine and better stability 
  • Responsive design (mostly)
  • User profiles on mouse-over
  • Enhanced user profiles
  • New frame data page (Manji strategy section)
  • Picture galleries in pages
There are still bugs and for sure we will find even more of them - please post your findings in forums. Upgrading the website from such an old script was a long and tedious task. One of the bugs I'm aware of is incorrect parsing of user signature in forums - that's why I decided not to show signature for the time being.

Upcoming roadmap:
  • Buddies & bookmarks
  • Quizzes! Games! :D
  • Likes / post points and related functionalities
  • BBcode enhancements and PFS image integration
  • User & Site Galleries
  • Character list & Tekken 7 frame data
  • Different types of content - calendar + events, movies, songs, faq files


  1. It looks great, very refreshing! :)

    2017-05-25 19:18
  2. What an incredible transformation, I am blown away. You truly have outdone yourself, Tenshimitsu! This design is absolutely amazing and I really am excited use this site to get the most out of Tekken going forward. I truly am honoured to be a part of this great community and I look forward to playing, learning and loving Tekken more and more along with all of you! :D

    2017-05-24 10:02
  3. Thank you so much for your feedback :) I'll soon post an introduction to Manjikai with a tour through new features and a roadmap of things to come :) We're not slowing down!

    2017-05-24 08:49
  4. I love the new look and how everyone is sharing their experiences. I try to do my best with research, topics and general discussion. Shiki Soku Zeku ☕????

    2017-05-24 06:29
  5. Well done, Tenshi, the site looks awesome! Feels so modern, thank you for all the work you put in to this! 

    2017-05-23 13:59
  6. Avatar

    It's fantastic!  The art and design is just AWESOME! I love how easily I can navigate around the site now! It's been wonderful watching Yot expand and grow over the years! Those programming skills of yours have really shined!!!! 

    2017-05-23 11:38
  7. Avatar

    The new website looks great!

    Thank you Tenshi, for your unending contributions to the site and congratulations on this new release.

    2017-05-23 10:38
  8. Also, this version of Manjikai looks sexy and modern ^^ Congratulations and a job well done. 

    2017-05-23 07:43
  9. It's here, it's live finally Manjikai is back and I just finished signing up and posting my introductory topic manjikai.com/forums?m=posts&q=1051&n=last#bottom … 

    2017-05-23 07:39

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