YOT version 6.5 online

YOT version 6.5 online
Tenshimitsu 2011-11-22 00:48 12
As you can probably see ;), new version of YOT is now online.

I decided to put it online faster than I wanted: I didn't finish everything I planned, but on the other hand: why not adding more later?

So, what's new?

1. A bit different design
2. Brand new blogs system
3. Re-designed gallery
4. New Strategy blog, new looks of Combo Movies and Match Movies sections
5. Brand new YOT Chat (now automatically disconnects idle chatters)
6. "Like" button for forum posts and pages
7. User menu as a drop-down after clicking your username at the very top of the page (don't miss it! :P)


1. New WYSIWYG editor + refreshed file manager
2. "Remember me" checkbox (that you can check during logging in) works - no more sudden logouts.
3. Active Fan Fiction writers will gain administration rights for their category (no more valiation queues)
4. YOT Awards Titles - working (now I have to assign the titles to users :) )
5. PM notification by email works now.

A word for you:

Please browse through the site and try to spot any bugs. The old version of YOT lies safely on the server as a backup, so in case we can always go back to it. Especially search for broken links. Report by PM immediately! :)

I would also like to hear some feedback as for how the site looks in various browsers, especially mobile ones. It should be quite fine, but who knows. :)


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  1. As usual, I'm in love with the latest theme. :D
    Very creative use of the Yoshi statue pics, and the colors and fonts look great.
    Makes me happy to know that there is someone out there who is more Yoshi-obsessed than I am.

    2011-11-28 11:19
  2. Really really sweet looking!! Also very easy to navigate, well done once again Tenshi!!

    2011-11-28 11:06
  3.  Yea you are right since the problem is now solved. BTW did I forget to mention that i like the new theme  

    2011-11-26 16:32
  4. I guess you opened the site in Chrome earlier?
    Use hard refresh shift+[F5] to make the new theme appear :)

    2011-11-25 08:27
  5. I like the new theme better than the old already and the new texting bar is awesome as well, but if you use google chrome then the site would still have the T6 yoshi theme.

    2011-11-25 08:11
  6. Looking real good, great work Tenshi! :)

    2011-11-23 02:27
  7. I made a test with a YOT Member test account and everything seems fine... I wonder if anybody has the same problem.

    Let's continue in PMs.

    2011-11-22 20:14
  8. Go to YOT Chat if you can, please.
    (and check PMs from time to time ;) )

    2011-11-22 19:48
  9. Nope, still the same issue :\

    2011-11-22 19:37
  10. Hmm, that's not good. Can you add any page now? Can you delete my test page?

    2011-11-22 19:24

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