YOT Articles elite-only :)

YOT Articles elite-only :)
Tenshimitsu 2008-04-26 15:02 4
Yup, I decided to make the YOT Articles be YOT Members-only again. And yes, this decision was triggered by the last Tekkenpedia actions...

This way we're sure that Yoshimitsu mysteries won't be shamelessly stolen again and used to elevate somebody's site traffic. They're too precious for this fate...

These are not the only changes I plan... but all in the right time. I'm now too busy for more.



    hi guys!.. im new here.. umm.. i'm a former feng user T5DR.. when T6 arrived, I chose to use yoshimitsu as my main character in T6 and to be a loyal user... I hate people who are copying my combo especially my feng techniques.. now.. I saw yoshi moves and its way to difficult...

    can you suggest any drills or excercise while i play as yoshi in T6? i play on arcade cuz i can't afford to buy playstation.. i'm just a poor guy T__T

    and also.. can someone teach or give me some tip of what are his basic jugles and combos yoshi do on T6.. i can't read japanese version of the command list.. and i saw many new move.. i mean totally different compare to T5DR yoshi i use before

    and also.. is there a team here?.. if ever.. im open to be given a name and as part of the team yoshi here... i don't have any idea what name should i use.. since i was remove from our team.. because of some old geezer took and copied my feng moves and just made it better juggles than mine

    I'll do my best to be the best yoshi user in our area.. hope you'll support me.. i lost my opportunity to join tekken events because of the crisis occur... i hate people who copy moves and don't even acknowledge the originial.. to the fact that im just only a gamer and gaming is my job... to the fact im a lone ranger here.. using mokujin as my mascot as for now...

    i'll be greatful and it would be an honor if you guys will help me to be a worthy yoshi user.. for short.. im looking for a master here.. i'll be happy to be your student or apprentice from the other country

    hopefully yoshimitsu techniques must only be kept here in YOT.. I don't want any other copycats to steal some secrets and just using it just for there own fame. I would really acknowledge whoever shall accept me as there pupil and i'll be glad to help out on this YOT site..

    TNX>>> >:)

    2008-07-21 16:19
  2. :)i totally agree , Yoshimitsu knowledge and secrets are for YOT members only .. amen to that

    2008-07-12 00:37
  3. People come to "this" site because the Yot member's indepth combined knowledge of tekken and yoshimitsu. It is a shame when people can't respect others work and have to steal to compensate for the lack of knowledge they have. but in the end at least try to think of it as a misguided complement, they did steal from the site ... we must be doing something right! :p

    2008-05-05 13:59
  4. Amen.

    It is hard to track down knowledge thieves through internet, let alone when there is no telling where the real thieves locate. 'Pedia' sites are, as far as I'm aware, editable by multiple users. It is always sorrowful when things like this take place, and to prevent them, it is necessarry to disable the access from unregistered and 'unproven' users.

    2008-04-26 21:10

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