Why Do You Play Tekken?

Why Do You Play Tekken?
Grey 2015-02-16 06:50 1
Nice little commercial from the young proodigy from the Philippines, AK. Hoping there's more of these showcasing other players.

I play because I feel at home. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's frustrating but I'll go back to it every single time.

Why do you play?


  1. Why do I play, that’s a difficult question partly, because I never haven’t really thought about my motivation, or drive force.

    There have been sometimes where I didn’t even bothered to play the game anymore, because I couldn’t get a decent tekken experience, due to lack of interest in my friend circle and very bad Etherne,t so I felt that there was to many obstacles that I couldn’t do anything against.
    And yet I brought myself an arcade stick despite it.

    I don’t really love Tekken the game that much anymore, my passion for the game has faded away, I don’t play ghost battle or story anymore, only practice mode and online versus now.

    It’s the only thing that gives me a rush. It’s a great feeling where you are trying to find that inner focus and fighting with that tension and pressure inside, it’s a very rare feeling that I haven’t encountered in many places besides from fighting games.

    I played the game even before I got that chance to play against you guys so, it must lay in my love for the characters.

    I’ve played the same characters in like over 8 years now and it’s always been that way for me, it’s always the characters and the style that draws me to a fighting game. That feeling as kept me drawn to the game, even before I got to understand the game at all. Years wandering around without much of a clue to play the game, and yet still it has kept my interest ever since I was like 7 years old!

    Over all those years, It’s still Yoshimitsu that I’ve played the most, Even to this day, I’m still more loyal to Yoshimitsu than to Armor king. Even though his my true favorite, and its him that my name sake is after.

    My best is guess would be that it’s my way of being united with you guys. Yoshimitsu has to me become a totem to me, and because of that I think you, when I play yoshi either in Soul Calibur and of course Tekken, so in sense, it’s not really about game for me, not anymore that is, it’s about the relationship with characters, community and the people around the game =)

    Anyways thanks for posting this video an asking this question, it made me reflect on my memoires ^^

    2015-02-16 19:41

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