What the hell is Yoshimitsu?

What the hell is Yoshimitsu?
Grey 2015-05-28 14:35 3
Interesting video detailing the backstory of Yoshimitsu. Pretty good research and the video editing of the storytelling is nicely done. It's a nice watch if you're not familiar with his origins. Part 1 is mostly Soul Calibur storyline and Part 2 will be Tekken.


  1.  This reminds of a time where tekken wasn't "just" about gameplay *_*

    2015-06-07 10:23
  2. Yeah, I like it very much :) Hopefully more people will know who is Yoshimitsu and what he represents :)

    2015-06-04 16:05
  3.  I just saw this today, It's great to see stuff like this out there again ^^ 

    2015-05-28 19:36

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