Wanna watch Tekken Movie "behind the scenes"? :)

Wanna watch Tekken Movie "behind the scenes"? :)
Tenshimitsu 2010-02-19 09:13 6
Here ya go! And YES, you'll see some Yoshi action! (I but hope the scenes weren't final...)

(source: backdash.pl)


  1. koga I´m with you on this one F### you piece of S### Jin >:)

    2010-02-21 23:20
  2. I liked painted cat-whiskers on Yoshi-actor's face in one scene. :D Funny!

    2010-02-21 21:12
  3. did I hear it correctly? Yoshimitsu is the defending champion??

    @grey: I agree, I too expected that the narrator would say kazuya mishima as the last battle, or even heihachi...

    @koga: yeah, i also heard that from that start, I was like, "did he just say jin kazuya? or jin kazu wha?? isnt it jin kazama??" XD and yeah, if jin would be the main character and yoshi would be blocking his way, then that means yoshi would be defeated?! NO!!! T_T

    @matt: hopefully yes...

    2010-02-20 12:12
  4. I'm hoping that was just a mistake by the discovery channel narrator guy.. I'm pretty sure that's all that was... This movie is starting to look cooler, now that I see Yoshi with such a big role! That choreographer dude is awesome! Those jumps he did in the first part were super sweet!

    2010-02-20 01:07
  5. Defending champion? Yoshi? WTF? I mean I love Yoshi to death but that's just weird. I expected Kazuya to be last fight. That would make more sense but obviously this movie doesn't make sense. Man I can point out so many weird things but I don't want to go fanboy rage mode. I just can't just take this movie seriously, it's just so weird. I don't mind if it might not turn out to be great movie but I know for sure it's going to be hilarious lol.

    Oh another thing, Yoshi died from Jin's corpse thrust (d+1) wtf. Can't they have at least used an electric wind hook fist as a finishing blow? All I want to see is an electric wind and I'll be happy.

    2010-02-20 01:06
  6. Alright, I'm officially impressed. For now. :) Just a few remarks...

    1) The narrator keeps saying "Kazuma" instead of "Kazama"? Why did they change the name?
    2) I've seen "District 13" they mentioned - blew my f'ing mind off. Total awesomeness.
    3) Glad to hear Yoshi's the "defending champion", but naturally it results in him getting killed in the end. By the biggest douchebag of the game series. Count me out.

    2010-02-19 14:45

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