Today is the 19th anniversary!

Today is the 19th anniversary!
Tenshimitsu 2020-08-17 18:30 4
Today is 17th of August, which marks 19th years of the Manjikai website being online.

Grab whatever drink you have and let's celerate! :)

It's been a long road, the website remembers the times of 125kbps internet, floppy drives, free hosts, Yahoo geocities, various obstacles, different site engines, even some successful hacking attempts! We also remember you - unforgettable Yoshi fans, who were regularly visiting the site, chatting with each other, thinking up jokes, posting articles, drawing fan arts, creating fan fiction, just having fun - and we were all drawn together by the same Tekken and Soul Calibur character - the unique and inspiring space ninja - Yoshimitsu :)

It's rare to see the same passion nowadays. I treasure the memories in my heart and hopefully Manjikai will undergo another evolution, growing and maturing with us to constantly be a better version of what it used to be.

In a year from now, there will be a big 20th anniversary - I hope that in these uncertain times we will be able to gather once again and have the greatest party that this website has ever seen. Let's keep our fingers crossed! :)

Keep on rocking!


  1. I remember visiting this site looking for Yoshimitsu info years ago. This website is a gem, thanks for keeping it going for so long!

    2020-08-30 14:28
  2. Yay! :3 

    2020-08-28 18:16
  3. Wow, that is a long time! Congratulations to the entire Manjikai family for being a positive, inclusive community that spreads the Yoshimitsu awesomeness. Happy to be part of the space ninja enthusiasts, and looking forward to more!

    2020-08-19 08:07
  4. Truly an incredible milestone, congratulations @Tenshimitsu! I'm so glad I found your site & am very grateful for the friendship I gained from it. Here's to the next 19 years of! It was incredibly fun to do a Tekken stream in honour of Manjikai today but it certainly will not be the last! - I couldn't be more excited for the future of Manjikai, and of Tekken.

    Thank you for everything you have done for us! :D

    2020-08-17 18:55

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