Thieves are all way round...

Thieves are all way round...
Tenshimitsu 2007-07-04 21:34 10
See this thief who shamelessly put Suekichi's arts in his movie, and said he drew them!!! What a shameless bastard...

.... it drove me up to wall...


  1. What are you talking about the art is great! Especially the one were Yoshi is in a tree:yesbut the one were Yoshimitsu cut his arm off Stupid:nowhy the heck would Yoshimitsu do that?:con

    2009-12-14 21:49
  2. i dont like swearing so please dont

    2007-08-14 18:51
  3. OMG, someone said that he's an alien.

    2007-08-04 16:08
  4. Hmm... I do have a Youtube account, so I posted a comment there, and he posted this comment in my profile:


    M4652D | July 12, 2007
    "You're nothing more than a thief... this is not your work, it's from a person named Suekichi."

    Yes i know it's not my work, i jst did it, so yoshimitsu fans can watch all these pics.


    After this, he deleted my comment, but now he did add credits for Suekichi in the video description. So, now the thing is fixed. Hopefully. Although I think he should have asked for Suekichi's permission first.

    2007-07-12 23:10
  5. right, luckly enougth I had a Youtube Account and I have commeted and that should not happen again.

    damm impostors!

    if you want to see what I have writin please click on the link Tenshi provided and look for the post by GBRRSA.

    I disguse myself on youtube.:D

    2007-07-09 10:04
  6. hey big chief, that picture can be found in Deviantart. Just so you know...

    2007-07-06 07:04
  7. If you happen to have youtube account, don't hesitate to write appropiate comments under that movie. He should delete it immediately.

    2007-07-05 12:22
  8. Death to the impostor!

    BigChief: You mean this one?

    2007-07-05 08:25
  9. Anyone know where the SC3 pic (at around 28 seconds) is from - where he's slicing the pillars? Don't think it's one of Suekichis, but it looks uber sweeet.

    2007-07-05 05:56
  10. some people have no respect for other people's Hard Work.

    where is my lightsaber so I can put him out of his thiefing ways :((

    2007-07-04 22:26

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