Thank you very much ^_^

Thank you very much ^_^
Tenshimitsu 2007-05-18 16:11 3
I'd like to thank you for the awesome Birthday card you made for me :) I'm touched, and proud... can't describe the feeling :)

Once again, thank you!

Here it is:
(put together by Kamikaze)


  1. glad you liked it Tenshi, would have done more but I get too busy these days.

    2007-05-20 14:09
  2. A tak BTW, jak zareagowałaś na tytuł pm-ki :D ?

    2007-05-18 22:04
  3. Ah, don't mention it. It's alll I could do for ya. I added fastlegs signature after i came back from school on your b-day. Those were the signature that I could get. Hope you liked my lil poem ^_^ .

    2007-05-18 21:45

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