Tekken the movie DVD release date announced!

Tekken the movie DVD release date announced!
Tenshimitsu 2009-12-07 12:02 12
... and... we can see the DVD cover...

... with Yoshi on it.


Check this out:

Can't wait, dammit...


  1. It's look like his costume in Tekken 3, I'm very very happy!
    His face remember me the face of Predator ^^
    I hope the film will be true to videogame, not only an action film. I'm very sad because there aren't a lot of character :( at least I hope Yoshi defeat Bryan :D

    2010-01-01 22:28
  2. Avatar

    Hahaha, yeah, he looks pretty badass :D :D

    2009-12-11 01:35
  3. Yoshimitsu`s best costume is in the DVD cover!:D:D:D

    2009-12-10 22:14
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    Also from what it looks like, Yoshi's outfit is going to be very similar to his Tekken 3 incarnation :) really cool.
    I still don't see any Tekken 6 in him, but then again we will examine over time, when more scene shots become available :)

    Very excited to see Yoshi, hope there are plenty of scenes with him in the film, unlike the Tekken animated movie where they only showed a glimpse of him.

    2009-12-10 00:54
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    Haha, that would've been awesome Tenshi, well at least you tried :)


    2009-12-10 00:48
  6. I even thought about contacting Gary Ray Stearns himself, asking him for an interview... but he's sooo difficult to contact with.

    Any web-spidering help? :)

    2009-12-09 07:51
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    Wow, very impressive, his mask looks awesome. Granted as skeptical as the fighting game or the Tekken community may be, I'm still looking forward to watching this, mainly because of Yoshi, can't wait to see how he will sound when he talks, and his Manji Ninjutsu style in action :)

    Gary Ray Sterns will play him, this should be interesting as he is known to be a stunt expert and martial artist himself :3

    2009-12-09 02:50
  8. I'm pretty sure it was picked up for theater release last month, so I'm thinking we may have a chance after all to see it in the theater. But either way I will watch it and, most likely, even if it sucks, I will like it.

    @Saikoro- I like the way his mask looks like a mix of T5 and T3...Go ninja go ninja go!

    2009-12-08 17:35
  9. Uh.... Yoshimitsu looks like he belongs fighting next to the Ninja Turtles circa the first film that debuted back in the day. You know, the good, dark and edgy film that was about kicking ass before.... Ninja Rap....


    2009-12-08 13:50
  10. The release date got postponed to 5th of April. Dammit.

    But maybe that means we will get cinema release? Because if the date was correct (February), cinema release would be under big question.

    2009-12-08 12:16

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