Tekken Tag location tests - Yoshi news!

Tekken Tag location tests - Yoshi news!
Tenshimitsu 2011-05-17 06:19 2
So far looking very good :)
With addition to the new great look, Yoshi got some new great moves. ^^

Hype, hype! :D

Here's the thread dedicated for Yoshi changes:

Here are TTT2 movies with Yoshi:

(Starting from 12th minute)

(somewhere around 12th minute)

(part 3 - hot and fresh!)


  1. I'm so hype for this, sorry I posted it in chat, missing the front page entirely, but he's looking really good, I'm not seeing broken though, not sure why some people are saying that already...

    2011-05-17 07:49
  2. sweet boss looks like yoshi went on a rampage anyways love the new follows up to d+2,2 bound and a major good wall carry.

    Is it just me or can yoshi now dash in kin is animation looks faster to look at 23:56

    2011-05-17 06:47

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