Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited coming to consoles this September!

Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited coming to consoles this September!
Tenshimitsu 2012-04-12 10:50 4
Prepare for Yoshimitsu hegemony! ;)

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - Unlimited is coming to consoles this September!
Yoshimitsu players have big hopes for this game.

May his words: "Ikkitousen!" come true. :)



  1. Have you tried gamestop?
    They always offer pre-order bonuses

    I've read if you preorder it grants you early access to certain characters.
    They'll be downloadable anyways for free after a certain amount of time, though


    2012-04-21 20:59
  2. how the hek do u pre order tekken? when u pre order ttt2 u get special costumes right?

    2012-04-21 02:25
  3. Pretty sweet maybe i should finally save up some money for one of those fancy TVs before it comes out. 

    2012-04-18 14:17
  4. badabadabaa I'm loving it!

    2012-04-13 01:49

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