Tekken Sukajan: Heihachi

Tekken Sukajan: Heihachi
Grey 2016-07-24 19:04 6
Check out the Limited Edition Tekken Sukajan Jackets unveiled at the Namco Bandai Panel at SDCC 2016. They look so sick but style comes with a price, $449.00! You can pre-order them at the bandainamcostore.


Also available at the bandainamco store are the Crying Heihachi Hat and Tekken 7 Jerseys that were sold at EVO.


  1.  I kind of agree with Yoshimoshi that I wouldn't  really want to wear it outside if I pay that much for it, but I am pretty sure I'll end up dropping the money on it, they never make cool Tekken stuff, and this jacket is super slick looking... Also I should mention that the Tekken 7 Jersey pictured above is really nice and has a great fit to it, even for a chubby guy like myself :P The hat is sweet too!

    2016-08-13 19:23
  2.  I have to admit the Heihachi jacket looks awesome! But $500 to rock it? Na. I wouldn't even want to wear it out if I paid that much. x_x

    2016-08-12 11:29
  3. haha that was just an exaggerated expression. $449 isn't cheap and it actually totals almost $500 including taxes and shipping. I do think I'll really like the jacket though so I've decided to invest in it.

    2016-07-30 15:43
  4.  that's some deep reflecting for a jacket XD 

    2016-07-30 10:06
  5. When I saw this, I took a long good look at myself. I went with my instinct and now I'm just going to forget all about it and wait til the year ends.

    2016-07-27 04:22
  6.  I really like the design and I have always kind of wanted a jacket like this, but wowzers that price... I'd have to be able to see this in person before dropping that much money on it I think. But maybe...

    2016-07-26 04:55

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