Tekken Movie screenshots

Tekken Movie screenshots
Tenshimitsu 2010-02-17 09:07 2
A well-known Kotaku gaming blog has posted several screenshots from the upcoming Tekken movie:

Well, what can I say... the only pic with Yoshi is... when he gets hit. That doesn't satisfy me much, you know :P
(source: kotaku.com, Backdash.pl)


  1. Yoshimitsu has a wide range of colors

    2010-02-19 00:25
  2. What? No Bryan in the pics? Did he get stuck in a beer barrel or what?
    (No, wait, there he is... looking rather apathetic. And if that's Jin he's facing, we can leave the first "a" out as well.)

    Additionally, am I the only one who's not that... impressed? Reminds me quite a lot of the 80's.

    Let's just hope the screenshots don't do justice for the movie.

    2010-02-17 10:35

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