Tekken DR online?!

Tekken DR online?!
Tenshimitsu 2007-06-13 13:57 1
Here you go: straight from TekkenZaibatsu:

The latest issue of Famitsu magazine has details on Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection with online versus play! With the cost of 2800 Yen(1000 Yen if you already downloaded the old version of Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection) you will be able to play online versus matches with people all over the world!
Best of all, there is no charge for online play! There will also be an online leaderboard that keeps track of player rankings! Also added will be practice and survival modes!
There is no official release date for the upgraded version of T5DR, but be rest assured that we will update you on the latest news!

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  1. maybe if enougth of YOT members do get this updated version then maybe we could have our own YOT league.:)

    But yeahsounds cool

    2007-06-13 14:13

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