Tekken Crash Top 16

Tekken Crash Top 16
Grey 2015-06-26 11:46 1
The new season will air again on July 5th so hopefully we'll get to catch some streams or see some uploads not long after. I'm very excited to see some high level Tekken 7 action.

Tekken Crash Top 16 Qualifiers

Winners Bracket:
Group A - T.I.T: Aljjang (Jack-7), Forget Me Not (Kazumi), Hankuma (Claudio)
Group B - Ressurection: Chanel (Alisa), Narakhof (Claudio), Knee (Shaheen)
Group C - Business Man: Dasalgi (Steve), 약캐전문가 (Lucky Chloe), v지존풍류v (Xiaoyu)
Group D - Team 서레나: MBC (King), 켈투 (Hwoarang), 뺑시녕 (Shaheen)
Group E - Najin e-mFire: Saint (Jack-7), Kkokkoma (Dragunov), JDCR (Heihachi)
Group F - 슈퍼스타 (Superstar): Soyongdori (Devil Jin), Help Me (Josie), Malgu (Law)
Group G - W.E.C: Weback (Claudio), Chorang (Jin), Ewekka (Xiaoyu)
Group H - Rollickers: Jundding (Lucky Chloe), Appado (Devil Jin), 200 won (Claudio)

Losers Bracket:
Group A - The Attractions: Jisang (Paul), 수원대부 (Kazuya), Deja Vu (Bryan)
Group B - Frenzy: Holiday (Shaheen), 리간지 (Katarina), Goguma (Jack-7)
Group C - 케이오: (K.O.): 포크진기 (Dragunov), 세뉴 (Jin), Liliman (Lili)
Group D - Triple V: Ose (Kazuya), JungJumNam (Jack-7), 박우정 (Shaheen)
Group E - 도바킨 (dobakin): Mein (Xiaoyu), Noonmae (Feng), Why (Gigas)
Group F - Crescendo: Triple H (King), 랑추 (Gigas), Low High (Shaheen)
Group G - 삼대 (3 Generations): Crazy Dongpal (Devil Jin), Supasupa (Heihachi), Choksae (Kazuya)
Group H - Madfist: Binchang (Claudio), Jalmothayo (Shaheen), Qudans (Kazuya)

Top 16:

Group A:
Resurrection vs. 모드나인 Indigos (Crescendo)
Superstar vs. Frenzy
Winners Match
Losers Match
Final Match

Group B:
Najin e-mFire vs. The Attractions
BusinessMan vs. 도바킨 (dobakin)
Winners Match
Losers Match
Finals Match

Group C:
Team 서레나 vs. Triple V
T.I.T vs. 3 Generations
Winners Match
Losers Match
Finals Match

Group D:
W.E.C. vs. Madfist
Rollickers vs. K.O.
Winners Match
Losers Match
Finals Match


  1. Updated news post with English and Korean stream links and Youtube archive of streamed matches from the preliminaries. Korean stream is hosted by the familiar duo from previous Tekken Crash and English stream is hosted by Laugh (English speaking Korean player from the SF scene).

    From the information given, there are 31 teams of 3 with 93 participants total. July 5th was preliminaries and 16 teams qualified to move on for the season. Tekken Crash will resume the weekend after Evo.

    2015-07-05 23:57

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