Tekken Crash Returns

Tekken Crash Returns
Grey 2015-01-28 12:46 1
 In case you missed it, here're recording of the matches. Courtesy of TekkenCrashS2 Channel.

Teams are:

whyworks: Narkhof - Paul, LeeMario - Katarina, Knee - Bryan
SUPERSTAR: Ji3moon.Ace - Kazuya, Help Me - Dragunov, Malgu - Law
(Korean name???): Triple H - King, Chanel - Lili, Hao - Feng
Specialist: Saint - Kazuya, Hankuma - Leo, JDCR - Heihachi 

It looks like they used the same build as the location tests so the gameplay doesn't look that different. The players themselves seem off their game though cause there were a lot of dropped combos. I'm thinking they're probably not fully accustomed to it yet since I noticed the players were still habitually throwing bound moves and oki that mostly worked in TTT2. It's still pretty apparent that they're skills are still some of the best in the world regardless of that. It was a great tournament overall, great production value. Wish we could see more of these.

- Chanel known as one of the best Alisa players didn't play Alisa because she wasn't included. Something about Korea's censhorship laws prevented Alisa's weird cybernetic extensions from being shown or something along those lines.
- Saint registered his character as Shaheen in the roster as a joke. Shaheen wasn't there and he played Kazuya.
- The girl who played Katarina against Knee's Claudio is Nam Gyu Ri, a Korean actress/singer.


  1. Sweet!!! I'm watching now =)

    2015-01-28 14:30

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