Tekken 7 location test in October, aaaand... Yoshi!

Tekken 7 location test in October, aaaand... Yoshi!
Tenshimitsu 2014-09-14 11:02 11
 As far as I see on this picture, Yoshi is oficially confirmed in Tekken 7 roster!
What costume will it be?
Judging from the pixels, he will have green eyes, red hair or helmet, some red, violet and golden parts... interesting!

Take a look :)



  1. My wish list? i remember that i admired heihachi's wardrobe in T6, and yoshi's wardrobe in T6 wasnt bad either. But i'd really like to see yoshi's outfits point more to the traditional samurai ways and traditional japanese outfits. Here are some examples: Buddha Beads, yasuka magatama's, prayer beads, Traditional head wear such as: Sandogasa, Roningasa, Komusougasa, Jingasa, Takuhatsugasa, Fukaamigasa/tengai etc etc. The Pipa he had on his back in T6 was a lovely idea as well. Basically id like to see a more japanese based wardrobe for yoshimitsu. Yoshi's wardrobe in TTT2 sucked, hands down the worst. His wardrobe seems rushed off or wasnt given much thought in TTT2; he had one helmet... distateful! I love his stance in T6. Someone on here, i think its Tenshimitsu, who said something along the lines of "You see how yoshi's stance is? As if he's Focusing". His stance reminds me of focusing and meditating, i think they should keep that as his stance. And bring back his "Universe/UCHUU" Kanji that he had on his sandogasa in T6! ^_^. And by now yoshi should be a B Tier character, he along with his fans deserves it! \(^_^)/

    2014-09-22 00:46
  2.  Agreed :) I miss the 1 on 1 Tekken times! 

    2014-09-21 19:49
  3. Same here matt. I can't wait to look through the new videos like we did back in the days with tekken 6 ^^ 

    2014-09-21 19:38
  4.  It looks very similar to Tekken 6, except there's only one sword? Maybe it is a new costume with a similar appearance and color scheme but minor changes? Either way I'm really excited to hopefully get my first look in a couple weeks now! 

    2014-09-20 22:39
  5. Oh I do think it's his T6 costume really. Me wishing it was something else was just wishful thinking lol. After consistently changing his appearance in the series, I would assume they would keep the tradition. I honestly want him to have a new look because it's what I've come to expect out of the character all these years.

    2014-09-18 03:57
  6. I looked her up as well and it's really weird that she's shown on the picture, she doesn't even have any relation to Namco Bandai so, she have properly just because of her name ^^ 

    And yea angleo's higher res pic, pretty much confirms it's T6 yoshi =/ 

    2014-09-17 19:50
  7. Bigger resolution: http://dengekionline.com/elem/000/000/926/926153/tekken7_04_cs1w1_1237x866.jpg

    It honestly looks like his T6 P1 costume, just as AK said

    2014-09-17 09:07
  8. Maybe it's just me but Yoshi's thumbnail reminds me a lot of Evangelion Unit-02.

    And anyone else notice that random female character with Jin pants? I looked her up and it seems like her name is "Tekken" from the game called Hyperdimension Neptunia. Kinda weird she's on the poster but you think maybe she's a new character as well or just there for flair?

    Whatever they're going with, I'm very excited to see the new game. Tekken 7!

    2014-09-17 01:38
  9. Yes A.K Fan, indeed it might be Yoshi from Tekken 6 :)

    But hey.... I have good memories with this costume <3

    I think I'm really going to make Tekken 6 Yoshi figure :D

    2014-09-16 09:15
  10. Yea devil seems kinda wtf, cool art though.

    I'm sorry to be a downer but i'm pretty sure it's t6 Yoshi, since the colour scheme matches the p1 costume, just like Jin's coat that's also from t6.

    I could go on about Heihachi as well but since they apperently are sticking with old Hecihachi in t7, it would confirm nothing. I just wished that Jaycee or Julia was there, since that would confirm if the pictures are from ttt2 or t6 as I am thinking. 

    also I'm very excited to the some of the character rooster this time around ^^ 

    2014-09-15 15:44

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