Tekken 7 at Evolution 2015

Tekken 7 at Evolution 2015
Grey 2015-07-19 13:28 6

Evolution 2015 is still going but Tekken 7 tournament has concluded bringing in a lot of great matches and hype. Overall, it was a great tournament full of variety. Grand finals is a must watch for sure. I have included links to the videos of the top 8 to prevent spoilers. Check them out. 

Grand Finals Part 1
Grand Finals Part 2
Grand Finals Part 3
Winners Finals
4th Place
5th Place
5th Place
7th Place
7th Place

Apparently there was also a TTT2 side tournament with a lot of heavy hitters from the tournament. Here's the bracket. There was no stream but I heard the matches were recorded. I'll post the link to the matches when they are available.


  1.  Unfortunately none of my matches were recorded, the pool that was running at the same time as mine was on the stream station. Shola played Kazuya, he did really well against me... Oh and I got to meet Just Frame James and Slycanthropy, it's always great to meet fellow Yoshi players!

    2015-07-28 13:20
  2. Damn I was trying to find you live at the stream, but it got really damn late really sucks especially considering the battles you have gotten. 
    I would have loved to see you versus Shola that would have been really hype, did he play emo with wings (Djin) or kazuya? 

    If you can find the video then just post me it ^^ 
    I hope you're right more people enjoying this next installment, because after soul calibur absence, there's not much love for 3d fighters. 

    Oh and Grey Remember how you teased that bag with T6 in it ;) now it's matts turn XD 

    2015-07-28 11:11
  3. I went 1-2... Lost to Shola from Atlanta and James Cho from Socal?.. I'm really glad I went and got to try the game, it is so much more fun than what I was expecting after seeing matches and videos online. I feel like a lot of people are really gonna love this game. The KO slowdowns are sooo dope looking, and the graphics look so smooth in person! Seriously can't wait!

    2015-07-27 21:23
  4. How did you do at Evo Matt? Pretty jealous you went and you got to play T7 too!

    2015-07-27 06:28
  5.  Really great tournament to be part of, even if I did get smoked! Thank you for gathering this info! Watching AO and how emotional he got was really crazy in person. It really gives you a sense of how much it means to them! 

    2015-07-24 18:49
  6. Nice find grey, it's great to have something else besides the finalists and it's well organised too. 

    2015-07-23 19:58

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