Tekken 7 announced - and my wishlist

Tekken 7 announced - and my wishlist
Tenshimitsu 2014-07-21 18:24 9
 So, Tekken 7 was officially announced :)

I'm both pretty excited and worried about this piece of news. I feel like I should post my thoughts about how I envision a new Tekken with a hope somebody from the Namco Team reads it. 

To make things clear, I will make a numbered list:

  • Please Balance lows and low crushing launchers. If hopkicks stay as they are, they should be -14. There should not be i14 launchers.
  • Every character should have a low punch with the same properties (Yes - come back low punch in Yoshimitsu's normal stance)
  • Introduction of half-homings - tracking to either left or right.
  • D/f+1 balance in terms of tracking, some trackings are too good.
  • I personally think Tekken 4 style sidestep (up or down) together with ub / uf jump and db / df duck is a better solution than present day movement. It's because when an opponent is forced FC, it's sometimes impossible for him to sidestep in the specific direction (like 2P side - towards the player). If the movement stays as it is, there should be a way to buffer a FC stagger cancel.
  • Larger window for throws breaks. 
  • Fast-response game like Tekken 6 - ability to go to FC and back to standing very fast.
  • No big and strange characters (ogre) or outfits that would conceal the arms and make throw breaking extremely hard.
  • Do something about KI charge? like "Ki charge meter?" (like - 3 charges for a round)
  • Ability to raise/replenish Ki charge meter after certain moves for all characters? (character temporarily vulnerable)
  • Every character has a taunt - taunting raises opponent's Ki charge meter?
  • Also receiving a lot of damage in a short period of time raises Ki charge meter?
  • Ability to do a Ki charge enhanced moves out of the box? (they gain additional properties)
This would be an alternative to rage but with the ability to use it in chosen situations. Some ki charged moves have better properties, etc.  
This would add strategy, not randomness. Randomness is not good.


  • COME BACK LOW PUNCH PLEASE. Present-day db+1,1 as ub+1,1
  • His FC,d/f+4 needs a change - either global (ability to buffer FC moves quickly from standing) or any other. I would welcome a homing low move from standing.
  • Kinchou sidesteps? Two-sword stance? :D (kind of like Alisa's chainsaw stance)
  • More stance transitions? Indian Sit into Flea is especially a nice thing :)
  • Give Yoshi No-sword stance (Mutou) into Normal sword stance transitions. Like doing NSS d+2,2,1 would draw the sword anyway. Why not?
  • The old battle stance that Yoshi enters just after doing NSS 2,1 or 2+3 - I would wish him to move like that all the time in NSS stance :)
  • Bring him back some unblockable tracking (b,b+1+2)
  • Do something about his siphon soul throws
  • Do something about sidespins, they should take less life.
  • Indian sit - .... should be redesigned. Should evade better. Too many things hit Yoshi. Like Wing God Fist, whaaaat.... 
  • Please fix bad breath. The input bugs out many times, high moves hit Yoshi on CH, it should be a full high crush. Maybe more moves from bad breath? Transition to Kinchou from Bad breath? Teleport from Bad breath?
  • Maybe give Yoshi a taunt like in Soul Calibur? Why were his Tekken 6 taunting voices removed from Indian Sit?
  • His 2,1 is useless, it should be uninterruptible inbetween. Now it can be interrupted inbetween.
  • Come back Yoshimitsu's old 4,4,2,2,4,4,1,1,1,1 - his old 4,4 being i12 was great.
  • db+2,2,2 mid spins should have better range - the initial move is too weak. Too easy to counter. 
  • df+2,2 second safe on block, CH guaranteed, second cancellable? df+2 into stances like Kinchou? df+2,1 natural combo, mid-high, safe, no juggle?
  • df+1,2 series? df+1,1 series?
  • Please fix the range of sword sweep. It's slow enough already.
  • Make Yoshi faster, more mobile, swift, cunning, like he used to be.
  • Kick like f+4 - hmm, what to do with it?
  • Kick like simple 3 - anything with this move? maybe a combo on counter hit?
  • Fix WS+1,1 not hitting sometimes at an angle. I think it should be a faster move (i13?)

Do you have any other comments? Post them below :)


  1. A few things I want to add to the T7 wishlist since they introduced the new mechanics.

    Rage Arts:
    - Really really wish it's clonimitsu. If not then I guess any cool sword slashing combo will suffice.
    - d/f+3+4 input? or maybe b+3+4? Wonder what notation they'll give, there's not many open slots for new moves lol

    Power Crush
    - f+1+2 / NSS f+1+2
    - ff+2
    - f+4
    - d+1+4 (would turn suicide into a really awesome round ender)

    - KIN f+2
    - d+2,2,1 (3rd hit)
    - BT 2,3
    - f+3 / 2,3

    2014-10-10 06:58
  2. My wish list? i remember that i admired heihachi's wardrobe in T6, and yoshi's wardrobe in T6 wasnt bad either. But i'd really like to see yoshi's outfits point more to the traditional samurai ways and traditional japanese outfits. Here are some examples: Buddha Beads, yasuka magatama's, prayer beads, Traditional head wear such as: Sandogasa, Roningasa, Komusougasa, Jingasa, Takuhatsugasa, Fukaamigasa/tengai etc etc. The Pipa he had on his back in T6 was a lovely idea as well. Basically id like to see a more japanese based wardrobe for yoshimitsu. Yoshi's wardrobe in TTT2 sucked, hands down the worst. His wardrobe seems rushed off or wasnt given much thought in TTT2; he had one helmet... distateful! I love his stance in T6. Someone on here, i think its Tenshimitsu, who said something along the lines of "You see how yoshi's stance is? As if he's Focusing". His stance reminds me of focusing and meditating, i think they should keep that as his stance. And bring back his "Universe/UCHUU" Kanji that he had on his sandogasa in T6! ^_^. And by now yoshi should be a B Tier character, he along with his fans deserves it! \(^_^)/

    2014-09-22 00:49
  3.  I too agree with everything you said, except with a couple of things.

    From Indian sit, you can always dodge diagonally and make things whiff, do teleports or go into Rookick (3+4) to crush high/mid attacks.
    Also, I don't think df+2,2 should be safe at all since it's really good, crushes some reversals (since it's a sword attack) and puts the opponent in a crumple state. I do think it should be buffed a little, but -12 at best, so it's not launch punishable.

    I 100% agree with Grey's wishlist.

    2014-08-29 12:24
  4. I agree with you big time bigchief on trailer or teaser, or whatever it's called. it was downright boring, even for a tekken fan. I can't even being to understand how stale it must have been, if you're watching this as a regular, and not a tekken fanatic.

    However I do have faith in the team to deliver an awesome game, mechanics wise, but the over all coolness and badarseness that I loved about this series, I still have my doubts about that until I see more =/ 

    2014-08-12 19:40
  5. All fantastic ideas! And from people who clearly understand the game. :) (Though I'd prefer not to have any meter system in 3D fighting games :P )

    Sadly I don't see Tekken 7 going in this direction. It seems they prefer flair over substance. We saw this in the trailer: magnificent special effects with 2 minutes of exploding volcanoes... and not a single punch was thrown. :\

    Well, we can still wish they return Tekken to the top of the martial arts simulator games.

    2014-08-12 15:23
  6. Kai

     Really glad there's a push for activity on the website, I'll pick up Tekken 7 as soon as it comes out and maybe we can play some games and someone can finally teach me some stuff.... =3

    2014-08-11 15:46
  7. After watching justframejames vs mr naps at evo, it was very clear that yoshi doesn't have enough pokes to slow down mr naps imposing momentum.

    So more pokes like his soul calibur counterpart would nice.

    Yoshi wishlist

    - qcb+1 just like the sc version.

    - manji carve fist!

    - extension to d/f+1.

    - longer overall range ( his the only one with a weapon!)

    - increase the start up speed on the spin series.

    - nss f+3+4 is the T5 version.

    - rookick shall not go under an opponent.

    - standard special mid punch please XD

    - stance transisions like sc and better mobility.

    For Tekken 7

    - a more seroius tone, like T4.

    - a higher priority on real martial arts, instead of fictional weirdness.

    - T5dr speed and movement.

    - an awesome tutorial mode for newcommers.

    2014-07-25 13:38
  8. Wow, some awesome ideas!
    I approve your list :)

    I forgot to add:
    - uf+3+4,b+1 - make Yoshi stay in spot on hit (no silly automatic jump back) or make the possibility to cancel jump back.

    2014-07-23 11:36
  9. Nice wishlist. I pretty much agree with your changelist except Ki charge cause I'm not a fan of having meter in Tekken. Instead, maybe make ki charge more accessible after certain moves like Laws wr3 or Leo's ff+2. So maybe Yoshi can have like ff+2 or f+4 ki charge, It definitely isn't all that functional right now though so a revamp would surely be welcome.

    Here's my wishlist:

    - Give Spirited Away air throw properties.
    - Take out flea step and just make it FLE f+3 and FLE f+4.
    - Make BAD 3 same as KIN 3 or BAD 1+2 (prison gate).
    - ws+1~KIN transition.
    - DGF 4~KIN transition.
    - KIN 1~KIN transition.
    - cd+1~DGF transition.
    - u/f+1~FLE transition (grounded).
    - Ability to go NSS before match starts.
    - Ability to teleport either side with IND stance regardless of range.
    - Give poison wind better frames on block.
    - Make d+1 unblockable again or at least better hitbox to be able to stop stances
    - Make u/f+3+4 pick up grounded again.
    - Clonimitsu!

    2014-07-23 05:44

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