Tekken 7 Miguel Caballero Rojo

Tekken 7 Miguel Caballero Rojo
Grey 2016-10-08 20:04 4
The Spaniard enters the ring!

With Miguel out, Zafina seems to be the last of the Tekken 6 newcomers to be confirmed returning. Still waiting on Lei and Julia or maybe someone more unexpected gets announced next. Tekken 7 release is still estimated to be released early 2017 so there's still a long ways to go.


  1. Wow I didn't expect this guy survive and make the cut for T7 ^^ let's hope there'll be better suprises ahead (Please let Armor King be there)  *_* 

    2016-10-09 20:13
  2. I didn't expect him either. Now that he's announced though, I expect Zafina to also make it to complete the T6 cast. I'm still looking forward to Lei, Julia or a capoeira char to be announced as well. Other than that, I don't care who else they add back in.

    2016-10-09 21:31
  3. So far Yellowmotion's predictions are correct.
    High hopes for Kunimitsu!

    2016-10-10 18:23
  4.  I've always liked Miguel, I feel like his character design fits really well into the Tekken world! 

    2016-10-12 03:12

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