Tekken 7 Kazumi Mishima

Tekken 7 Kazumi Mishima
Grey 2015-05-29 03:39 3
Was only a matter of time but Kazumi Mishima is now confirmed playable character in Tekken 7. She's looking pretty good, doesn't seem like she plays like a regular Mishima. Might play closer to Jinpachi or Unknown. Tiger animations with her moves look sick.



  1. Seven new characters, seven completly new movesets to deal with. So much for reducing the character rooster *_* 

    She might be my favorite of the new ones, she gives me the same vibes as jun did back in the T2 days.

    She seems more mature that the most of the female cast not in terms of design, but in attitude ^^ 

    Her moves actually looks very good, some legit soild strikes and not to much stupid fancy ass acrobatics and
    her throws really seems like martials arts.

    I mean just look at the stances after some of those, the way she chops the neck and then uses leverage to toss them and 2 versions of tomoe nage.  Thumbs up namco for remembering your roots

    She might have tiger which is odd even for tekken standards, and the only felines that I feel should in tekken is King and Armor king, but with that said she actually something I would try, out despite that (holy shit XD) 

    2015-06-07 10:13
  2. I really like her. I'm drawn to traditional Japanese outfits and I find her design to be very well done. Seems a lot of players are turned off by the tiger but I feel it adds a fierce flavor to her character. The tiger being shows her companionship whereas being spectral would turn it into just a special power.

    She's no typical Mishima and it does seem like she plays like a mix of Jinpachi and Jun but I also think she can be played similar to Kuni. Whether she does or not, I'm definitely going to try and pick her up.

    2015-06-05 01:37
  3. I like her. :) But the tiger is a bit unneccessary. If it was a spectral tiger, kind of similar to Unknown's spectral wolf - it would look more "legit" :)

    2015-06-04 16:23

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