Tekken 7 Gigas

Tekken 7 Gigas
Grey 2015-04-26 10:14 3
Previously leaked red character official confirmed as the new character Gigas! Looks sick. Somewhat reminiscent of Marduk and True Ogre. Tekken team is giving big boys some love.


  1. Not my kind of character to play but I like the design. The roster seems to be shaping up quite nicely.

    2015-04-28 10:58
  2.  Finally a big body in Tekken that I want to use! I can't wait to try him out!!

    2015-04-26 17:13
  3. Namco is getting crazy with this new characters, but this behemoth actually seems just stupid enough for me to like it (yey i'm not a grumpy cat anymore about the new characters) 

    I first thought that his dude would be like a special jack with his seemingly robotic unhuman shape and the only speaking in grunts, but then again that's speaks for both characters on the screen ;)

    however I noticed that the thing has a very human like mouth, which would make it more organic, perhaps its a freakish hybrid cyborg thingy maybe? I have enough imagination vision that I would be a test supect running wild. 

    There's already some comments about what the thing is, some already is wondering about if it's the thing from dragouvs ending in t5dr, which didn't cross my mind, it's pretty interesting but I think is a tat ambitious.
    However I find it a very good sign, that people are apperenly thinking about this character instead of just whatever here to stay i guess.  That's is very nice for once, and the right amouth of mystery adds character and questions.  

    A fun little bonus is that gigas is latin for giant, but they did call there bear for bear, so yea nothing new there XD 

    2015-04-26 12:52

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