Tekken 7 Do You Feel Lucky?

Tekken 7 Do You Feel Lucky?
Grey 2014-12-07 06:39 7
You should because a new Tekken 7 character has been announced in the Tekken 20th Anniversary! Her name is Lucky Chloe. Confirmed by Harada himself on his twitter. Here's a vid:

Seems to be a very anime-ish type of character with some very acrobatic moves. I'm automatically reminded of Felicia from Darkstalkers but can't say completely because her juggles look pretty cool. Not my kind of thing but I like her. What do you guys think? hehehe


  1.  I like her, the moves look wacky and she seems like a rage inducer! 

    2014-12-13 03:36
  2. True. Tekken seem to be very broad with the characters, like you mentioned, which why it's understandly hard to please everyone. But even with that said it's funny that, in this case, it's seems like majorty that's aganist her *_* 

    So aleast people and agrre on what they despise XD  

    2014-12-08 21:48
  3. It seems to me that the franchise has grown to a point where their audience is a global community with a broad set of interests. From the very beginning, Tekken offered a game where all sorts of people found something they liked. At this point, however, it seems having a large and diverse fanbase also makes it very hard to please all of them.

    I've read some reactions about her and it's crazy how so many people are furious about her design. I think it's unfair to bash the developers for creating this character when the most popular characters (according to the Tekken website) are Jin, Jun, Lili, Xiaoyu and Asuka. If Tekken was only filled with serious/deadly characters like Kazuya, Bryan, Nina or King, I doubt Tekken would have the same widespread audience it has today.

    2014-12-08 15:31
  4. I'm with you guys. We want more deadly martial artists, but we keep getting pretty faces and lolitas. It's hard to take the franchise seriously anymore when you're matching up a muscly killer like Bryan, or a sleek assassin like Nina, against little cat girls. :P But she also sounds annoying, like Pyrrha in SCV.

    2014-12-08 07:05
  5. Nah I don't see the reason really be all negative and stuff, besides negetivity has a tendency to spead and right now, that's not what I should be doing. 

    Yea I especially share that view about the fanbase's strong oppions about how the fanchise should be like. It's might not be the most mature way to deal with it, but many kinda feel threathen by the whole style diretion they are aiming for, which is understandble when you like really like something, why change when it's perfect the way it's. 

    Tekken is bound to change and I feel, that you are having the right attiude towards it all grey.  You are accepting the change and wellcome it, while others (like myself) is negative towards it. It's really just a waste of energy on my side, and it ultimately leads to nothing. 

    2014-12-07 10:36
  6. I actually do understand where you're coming from. Initially I very much hated Lili and Lucky Chloe pretty much has everything I ever hated about Lili's character design. A few of my friends like her though and after seeing many others like them, I've come around and learned to appreciate their tastes. 

    At the moment, it feels like the general population will hate something about Tekken with any directin they take. I for one am more optimistic about the changes and is very much excited to see their new ideas. Sadly I don't think many people share what I feel. It's quite alright though I guess, a lot of people feel strongly about the game and have their own views of how the game should be.

    You can vent out your frustrations if you want by the way. You're entitled to your opinion so I don't see why not :D

    2014-12-07 10:17
  7.  I saw her like 4 mins ago and right now in this very moment i'm not very impressed, infact i'm quite pissed even.
    I don't wanna rant and vent out my frustraitions (not here that is) but too me she captures everything that i don't want i'm tekken, which quite an achievement *_* 

    She might be fun to play and all but in the end i'm only gonna use her as a pratice dummy, in Tekken 7 

    I'll see you there Lucky Chole! 

    2014-12-07 09:01

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