Tekken 7 Coming to Home Systems

Tekken 7 Coming to Home Systems
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Tekken in Paris Games Week released a montage celebrating 20 years of the franchise. The series has been in multiple generations of consoles throughout the years and the latest addition, Tekken 7, has been confirmed to be coming to current gen. It should come as no surprise to the Tekken community that the latest installment will be making it's way to console.  Note that Sony officially announced it will be coming to PS4 but the tekkenchannel trailer is labeled "home use" so it doesn't necessarily discounts Tekken 7 coming to PC or XBone.

Additionally during the conference, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Jim Ryan stated that Tekken 7 will also be coming to Playstation VR. Not much details were given about the announcement.

Tekken 7 is currently out in arcades but has yet to have a console release date.

Tekken 7 Beta for PS4 was a slip-up and is not actually true. Arcades are pretty much the beta version.


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  1. I'm not sure what features they're working on right now but I'm pretty positive the story is already finished. It seems like they know many fans follow the story closely so they would rather keep the spoilers to a bare minimum until the game comes out. I would surely prefer to unravel the story in-game rather than hearing it from people playing at the arcades or news articles.

    2015-10-30 12:54
  2. Love seeing a trailer like that., the so deep Mishima lore which clearly started all that is tekken. you would think that after 20 years they would have come up with some more  interesting and evolving than that.  Having over 52 playable characters and more lore wise in the series, each having there own background and usally without any really relation too mishima tree besides the tournament, would have more screentime and development but nope XD  

    I mean it even breaks there canon with not metioning Jinpachi, mean he must had been chained up before cliff throwing toss, according the Kazuyas nostagic memory of him in his t5 ending that is. 

    2015-10-30 07:55

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