Tekken 7 Character Reveals: Jin, Devil Jin & Josie Rizal

Tekken 7 Character Reveals: Jin, Devil Jin & Josie Rizal
Grey 2015-03-29 07:51 7
Tekken broadcast in NicoNico just revealed Jin and Devil Jin playable along with a new character Josie Rizal from the Philippines.

HD Renders:
Jin Kazama
Devil Jin
Josie Rizal

More characters to be revealed as time release in the future. Still waiting for that Yoshi ><


  1. My toplist pretty much:

    1. Yoshimitsu
    2. Lucky Chloe
    3. Probably Claudio

    2015-04-18 21:35
  2. Easy for me.

    1. Yoshi
    2. Xiaoyu - cause I play her now
    3. Lucky Chloe - don't like how she looks but I like how she plays
    4. Claudio - I wanna try his starburst mechanic
    5. Josie - gonna learn her mainly just to represent and show off

    I also play Ganryu and Eddy but they're not confirmed. Only other character I'm willing to play is Heihachi and then I'm okay being a spectator for everyone else. 

    2015-04-03 01:33
  3. Yea i'm pretty much still stock in my mindset about new characters, and I don't know why. I have been looking at other fighting franchies, and i'm digging there new additions in Guilty Gear, KI, MK so It's not like i'm actively trying to despise them.
    It's perhaps only a tekken deal I guess but yea, if there's one thing I can't, it's forcing interest and passion.

    However I can influce push my interest to higher level, if there is something from the start to begin with.

    Offtopic, which characters are you gonna main this time around ^^
    My list is looking something like this.

    Well you guys knows the deal.. his with out any doubt the character i've played the most over the years. His a tough cookie to learn, but when It's only one character at the time yet his always very rewarding to win with despite this fact. I feel much more motivated already just to test, come up with ideas. I have a feeling that yoshi would be more fun this time around =) 

    My first main character all the way back from T3 and despite that, I can't even play him anymore. The leap from T6 to TTT2 totally killed my king "skills" the truth is that I've been evolving a lot between those games and king is like a old relic from my more unawere of the game times. So it's gonna be good to visit an old childhood friend again and trying to catch with all those things you haven't seen.

    Kazuya is my warm up character in TTT2. I've play him alot in this game, due to my transision from pad to stick. He has been my sparring partner from day one since then and just making him a pratice mode character has done wonders for my movement.

    And his a pretty fun character to use when you feel sorta comfortable with your movement.
    His my favorite of all the mishimas just his pressence in T2 and his return in T4 really made him special compaired to others, he has a sense of cool about him.

    I will be looking forward to finally use him in real matches in T7 ^^

    2015-04-02 09:23
  4.  I feel like I was pretty much positivie Jin and Devil Jin would both be in the game so no real surprise for me there. Josie on the other hand looks super cool to me and I'm glad to se her. Her style looks cool and it seems like she is being recieved mostly well by the folks that matter! Can't wait to play!

    2015-04-01 02:40
  5. It's okay, I know you don't really like the new chars that much, I understand haha. I do genuinely like Lucky Chloe though, I just don't like her default so I'll probably customize. I've come to like Claudio after seeing more videos but I'm not all that impressed with Katarina and Shaheen so far. Will most likely change when I finally get my hands on all of them.

    Josie seems to be using some form of Kali martial arts but I'm not that familiar with it to be honest. It looks great though and she does seem like a very solid character. I'm not a fan of her being emotional either but it's reminiscent of a few people I know so I just write it off as being part of her personality.

    All in all, all I really want is to play the game :D

    2015-03-31 01:06
  6. I've never been too keen of the mishimas as characters (besides Kazuya) but there fighting style is pretty badass and has a real sense of power to them, and as much as I hate to admit it, I must say that Jin's T4 and beyond karate is, is perhaps one of the most cool fighting styles in the game. It's direct, supprisingly subtle and solid.

    The only thing were i'm kinda glad to see DJ is because it gives me a slight hope for Armor King. 

    About Josie Rizal..

    First off, i'm kinda close to never digging new characters. They are either close no interest or annoying to me at fight glance. However I'm glad to hear that you Filipinos are finding her cool which means that namco is getting better hitting there target ^^

    I like how they are trying to appeal to others, with introduction new nationalties, but what I would like to see, is that she had a native fighting style... kali, eskrima, arnis anyone..

    Instead the usual anything goes answer... Street fighting. .
    I think she's okay, she has no impact on me yet sorta speak but again she's brand new.

    2015-03-30 10:26
  7. My thoughts on this:
    Jin looks pretty fly. He looks very solid and seems to fit well in Tekken 7. His rage art and new air throw looks sick. I don't play Jin myself but I'm sure I'll enjoy playing against him.
    Devil Jin didn't get me as excited though. He looks alright but I thought Kazuya, Heihachi and Jin will be the main stage Mishimas. DJ feels extra but then again a lot of people main him so good for them.
    For the new character. I'm pretty shocked haha. I'm Filipino myself and if you didn't know, the name "Josie Rizal" is taken from our national hero Jose Rizal. I don't find it bad or anything but it's weirdly funny hearing lol. Her gameplay looks awesome and pretty fun to play though. I've talked to other Filipinos and they generally cool with her design and glad to have her in Tekken. I share that sentiment and look forward to play as her :D

    2015-03-29 09:28

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