Tekken 7 Bob and Master Raven


  1.  Does she have Kunis moves confirmed? I didn't see any in the trailer. 

    Would be be cool if she borrowed some of her best moves, assuming Kuni isn't in the game. 

    Love the character either way. Although I always thought Kuni was a jealous tart and Raven a wannabe. 


    2016-07-20 23:10
  2. I like the Kunimitsu within Master Raven :)

    2016-07-19 23:57
  3.  Hmm didn't think Bob would make it, oh well let's just continue XD 

    I actually like Female Raven better than the Blade Wesley Snipes Raven. It's cool and feels way more unique in my eyes, Admitted I wasn't really a fan of Raven to begin with, but i'm might consider taking Female Raven for a spin.

    Of the new Females she's for sure my favorite followed by Kazumi, because they actually looks special and not like a stupid cosplayering, dead or alive, rejected beta version of Marie Rose, jail bait character, with bs looking moves, and not like bimbo looking chick with sun glasses, or a random removal of a solid Muay Thai representation with a half decent design. Kazumi and now Female Raven, looks people that could beat the living shit out of you. (Rant over lol)

    Maybe she can use the sword in some way,  new moves or new stance that you can cancel into or something or maybe not ^^ 

    2016-07-18 08:36

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