Tekken 7 Arcade Introduction Trailer

Tekken 7 Arcade Introduction Trailer
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Hello Yotians!

The official tekkenchannel dropped a Tekken 7 introduction video for arcades. It's basically an informational video showcasing the new game's look, characters, mechanics, etc. in Japanese. Here's the link:

This video mentions the full names of the two new characters: New Star's Exorcist Claudio Serafino  クラウディオ• and Sexy Bad Girl Catarina Alves カタリナ•アルヴェス.. I have basic-midlevel Japanese and I feel my translation seems about right. I'm not 100% of the "new star" title but it makes sense to me considering as the concept is very reminiscent of the Quincy clan in the Bleach anime.

Harada says there are still more new characters to be announced. Kazumi has yet to be confirmed playable but she's been in the backgrounds for a while now. There is also the potential Arab character and he's been mentioned by Harada on his twitter suggesting they're still working on him.
Link to tweet. 

Around 2 minutes into the video, I jumped for joy when I saw a familiar name pop out on screen. YOSHI! Turns out it's actually just a player name lol. He has yet to be confirmed but I'm very hopeful he's in the roster. I'm guessing they probably haven't finished his new look yet which I can't wait to see. 

As of now, Tekken 7 is confirmed to be released in Japanese Arcades around February 2015.

Tekken Official
Harada Twitter


  1. Rage arts is a new mechanic so it's only natural to highlight it to show that it's a new game. I don't have any first hand experience with them yet to say how good they are to the game but for now I think they look like a good addition. I never felt like I benefitted from Rage all that much with Yoshi so I'm totally fine with this new mechanic.

    I checked some of the other names as well and seem like regular names to me. I'm assuming they're either people from development team or just random test names. Maybe there could be a hidden message in there or something but that's too much work for me lol

    It hasn't been confirmed yet but sadly I also feel like AK possibly might not make it to the roster. You never know though, we'll only see when all the characters get confirmed.

    2014-11-20 03:26
  2. It's seems that they want to put a focus on the new rage arts. you see them high lighted everywhere in the trailer for a good reason though, but it's kinda funny since it's rage only move and properly doesn't play a big in the gameplay (aleast so far) 

    About your translation skills,  you could perhaps try to translate the japanese player names there might be some easter eggs and clues hidden there ^^ 

    the trailer is cool and all so far, but I really dislike getting the fact that Armor king isn't gonna return rubbed in my face everytime I see a tekken 7 vid =/  like king doing f+2,1 a wall break in trailer #_# 

    2014-11-19 08:38

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