Tekken 7 Announced for Evo 2015!

Tekken 7 Announced for Evo 2015!
Grey 2015-01-21 03:55 2
Mr. Wizard just announced on twitch stream that Tekken 7 will be included in the Evolution 2015 line-up of games. Very interesting considering it's the arcade version that will be played without a console realease.... I assume there're plans to have a few cabinets come in the U.S. this year then. Also, MarkMan mentioned the cabinets will have a controller port so you can plug in your controller just like the old Tekken 5 arcades. All this is possible thanks to MarkMan, Harada and the Tekken team so make sure to send them some love!

Also here's a link if you want to check out the rest of the line-up.


  1.  I was so excited when they announced this on stream, luckily I had already put in for the time off and will be there for the big event in person! I hope some of you folks can make it as well, but I understand traveling will be muich more difficult for people ouit of the country...

    2015-01-21 19:33
  2. Yes this is very good news, i'm glad harada is opening up for the westerns and espeically after the whole Evo doesn't matter deal that we saw last year. I think it's also a good marketing tool, spreading tekken 7 out between the other fighting games sharing the same tournament it might catch some new attention after all the new visual changes. I'm not even disapointed about it's not being out on console, I would much rather wait the time for it too be a much more balenced game for newbies as well.

    I'm very excied for the news so thanks for spreadning the word Grey!

    2015-01-21 12:29

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