T7 Finally, Yoshimitsu!!!

T7 Finally, Yoshimitsu!!!
Grey 2015-05-08 03:35 8

Love the new look. Rage Arts looks awesome as well. I wanna see some more gameplay. Yoshimitsu is scheduled to be released in Japanese arcades on May 12.

- He has Basic Uppercut (d/f+2) in 1SS like back in T5 again.
- NSS still around. 
- Kamikaze (f+3+4) is a Power Crush. Transitions to Flea on hit in 1SS and doesn't in NSS, same as before.
- New Flea backwalk.
- IND 4? Knee Cap from Indian Stance. 
- d+2,1? screw attack. 2nd hit looks similar to Yoshi's 2,1.
- Manji Backfist (bt 2_f+2?) screw attack.
- Flash Attack (2,3_f+3?) screw attack.
- ws 2,1? launcher. 2nd hit kinda looks like Gehosen (cd+1). Transitions to Dragonfly Stance.
- Spirited Away is an air throw!


  1.  We hopefully get to see our first in-game footage later tonight! I can't freaking wait!

    2015-05-11 17:11
  2. Oh that's a shame Aozame, you could have been one of the very first westerners to play the newest version of yoshimitsu, then you would really have some bragging around here XD 

    Anyways how do did your japan trip go? and did you play T7 ^^ 

    2015-05-09 07:16
  3.  The new Caracter
    the old tekken God
    I m the king of the 7 irion first

    2015-05-09 01:38
  4.  I wish he was out for arcades when I was in Japan a couple weeks ago~!

    2015-05-08 20:38
  5. Yeah he is. He hasn't had that quote in the last couple Tekken games but I know it's a normal quote of his in Soul Calibur.

    2015-05-08 11:26
  6. LOVE IT!, also Is it me, or at 0.51, He's saying his T3 win pose? (Shiki soku ze kuu)

    2015-05-08 08:01
  7.  Loving the new costume, i'm genuently impressed with his new design he looks a tat spooky and alien  =)

    With a rise to a new yoshi design and lots new characters, lets remember our fallen brothers and sisters from TTT2, (gg armor king part 2, you had a good run while it lasted) 

    2015-05-08 04:53
  8. Beautiful.

    2015-05-08 03:57

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