Tenshimitsu 2007-05-16 23:10 2
Yeah. :) The new site is in about 80% of completion. I am secretly working on both new theme, new functionality, new features and new structure. :)

The new site will include:
- your very own Control Panel with buddies, bookmarks, notepad, and many other things!
- Events section with the Calendar
- Blog section for Elite YOT Members (on request)
- Manji Dojo section, organized in a form of a wiki, with strategy blog included (where all YOT Members will be able to add their notes or links to match movies :)).
- Brand new image gallery, with subcategories, slideshow, tag support, comments, ratings and more!

It will be a true community site, just for you.

Stay tuned!


  1. how dare you comapre youself to yoshi. lol, nah just jokes, i can't wait for it either, sounds exciting. i wouldn't mind being an Elite YOT member. sounds official.

    2007-05-17 11:48
  2. hey hey

    I can't wait, but I supose if Yoshimitsu can have patince then so can I.

    anyway it will be worth the wait.

    2007-05-17 10:46

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